Desert Cat Allies


Trap - Neuter - Return



Desert Cat Rescue offers the Desert Cat Allies Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program! 


In time, this program will translate into a noticeable reduction of the number of feral, free-roaming cats living in Graham County. While funding permits, there will be no charge for this service, although donations are appreciated and are tax deductible!

This program will consist of:

  • The participant contacting Desert Cat Rescue and working with a volunteer to plan the services.

  • The program participant trapping/caging the feral cat according to the plan agreed upon.

  • Desert Cat volunteers will pick up the caged cat(s) from your location.

  • Volunteers will take the cat(s) to a local Veterinarian who will spay/neuter & ear-tip them.

  • Volunteers will return the cat(s) to where they were initially picked up, to be released. 

All participants must understand that Desert Cat personnel are volunteers and their time must be scheduled around other obligations. We will work with you to provide services as quickly as possible!  

One ear will be "tipped" to help identify cats who have been "fixed".  This helps prevent trapping & operating on the same cat twice. This also helps us measure program effectiveness! 


Cats will not be given any pre-operation testing, vaccinations, rabies shots or other additional services, unless prior arrangements were made. Payment for additional services must be received in advance.   

All cats to be picked up are required to be in a commercial cat carrier or animal trap.  Only one cat per container for the animals safety. The cat must be healthy enough and old/large enough (approximately 6 months in age and/or 5 lbs. in weight) for the operation.  Desert Cat reserves the right to refuse any cat the volunteer deems to small, to young or not healthy enough to be subjected to the operation. 

All reasonable care will be taken by Desert Cat volunteers. Desert Cat Rescue will not be held liable should the cat(s) suffer any adverse effects from surgery, transportation or any other issues resulting from the TNR process.  Desert Cat Rescue takes no responsibility for the care of the cat following the delivery back to the location where the animal was picked up. Should the Veterinarian, for any reason, be unable to perform the operation, a best effort will be made to contact the program participant and the cat will be returned and released where it was picked-up.

T-N-R is not intended to spay or neuter people's pets.  Pet owners will need to seek other assistance with spay/neuter services for their pets.  Likewise, this program is not intended to relocate stray or feral cats.  Desert Cat Rescue will not be taking the cats away from your property to relocate somewhere else.

On rare occasions, it is possible that another location may be available to release the cat after the spay/neuter operation. Participants will be advised, at the time of service, if a location is available.

Desert Cat reserves the right to withdraw this service if needed.

For more information about TNR, please visit: