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Sleeping Cat

We know this is not an easy decision...        

At Desert Cat Rescue & Sanctuary of Arizona, we know the decision to surrender your cat is not easy. We treat each circumstance with understanding and respect. We know every situation is different.                


If you want to keep your cat, but need some help...

We believe the best place for your cat is a loving home. If you think you would be able to keep your cat with a little help, please contact our intake counselor at 928-965-2971 or 928-965-4323Please leave a voicemail, and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

Giving Up A Cat

If you know you can not keep your cat...

If you have made the decision to surrender your cat, please use the link below to sign up on our waitlist. The wait times will vary, usually from 2-4 weeks. The wait time will be shorter if you are able to foster the kitty at your house, so we don't have to find a new foster home for the cat. An Intake Counselor will contact you when we have an opening for your kitty.


Surrender Fees  

Every cat costs the rescue about $300.00 for veterinary care, housing, food, litter & general care. We do not charge an intake fee because we do not want to limit our services only to those that can afford them. We ask that you provide us with a donation of your choice to help us care for your cat(s). You can donate at the links below.

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